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About Glenthompson Pastoral Company

The Glenthompson Pastoral Company Pty. Ltd. (GPC) was established in 2008 by E A and J L Mann, the third generation of family graziers in the Western District of Victoria, however GPC incorporates the portfolio and operations of the E A Mann Family farming enterprise extending back some 30 years to date.


Today GPC remains a family owned and operated, agricultural business located to the south of Glenthompson in Western Victoria at the property Brie Brie, including Bilpah Hills, and northern Fernleigh. 


GPC maintains a proud heritage and strives to produce exceptional quality livestock and produce to service both international and domestic markets. 

The pastoral company remains committed to sustainability and land-care, and importantly maintains an ethos of animal husbandry based upon the firmly trusted belief that all stock benefit from conservative stocking rates and an implemented system of low-stress, grass-fed and free-range livestock management. Decades of experience have proven the stock to be happier and subsequently the produce to be better as a result of such management, thereby enabling GPC to deliver the highest standard of produce to the market, which remains a key goal for the pastoral company moving forward into the future


Above all practices, the principal focus of GPC is sheep and cattle farming. This 

includes the development of a very good fine Merino line, from which a percentage of the ewes are selected for breeding first-cross, prime lambs in combination with Border Leicester rams, from the GPC commercial ram stud. GPC additionally produces cross-bred wool, as well as finished sheep to service the demands of both the domestic and wider global meat industries. In 2016 a commercial Aberdeen Angus herd was established. 


As aforementioned, the core focus of GPC is sheep and cattle farming, nevertheless the pastoral enterprise is an increasingly diverse operation comprising of varied fields including the following farming specialisations; 


- Sheep farming; including both prime lambs and wool

- Cattle farming; including beef cattle

- Cropping; for predominant purposes of internal, organisational supply and pasture improvement

- Horticulture; including the propagation of varied Australian native species, in addition to the establishment of significant plantations of English and European oak species across all properties


Through mindful management GPC endeavours to foster a positive working culture and is very fortunate to have a dedicated and passionate team at the helm of all operations. This positive working environment is paramount to ensuring the outstanding health and wellbeing of all livestock, and indeed to the success of day-to-day operations. In addition, occupational health and safety are fundamentally important principles to GPC’s workplace practices. In accordance with this focus the company consistently aims to improve upon and upgrade standards of practice, and operational machinery, on an ongoing basis.


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