Brie Brie

Manager: E. A. Mann

Location: Glenthompson, Victoria.

Operations: Sheep, Cattle, Pigs, Cropping.


Brie Brie, meaning ‘scrub’, was purchased in 1936 by I R Mann, the father of current owner E A Mann. The property is located south of the townships of Dunkeld and Glenthompson, within the southern Grampians region of western Victoria, and was expanded upon in 2006 to incorporate the neighbouring property of Bilpah Hills.  


The country is undulating in areas and is primarily comprised of sandy loam soil, which is unique in its location. The property itself additionally incorporates large areas of native scrub, which have rarely ever run stock. Brie Brie runs a range of livestock, including both Merino, Border Leicester and cross-breed sheep (servicing the wool and meat industries) and both Angus and rare breed Belted Galloway cattle. In addition, cropping is undertaken annually for purposes of pasture improvement, internal supply and on-sale.


Over the past two decades Brie Brie has been subject to extensive wetland developments with the aim of mitigating issues associated with erosion, in addition to aiding the active absorption of salt from the environment and resulting in the improvement of native wildlife and birdlife habitats. In excess of 10,000 trees have been established in plantations throughout the property including both native and English and European oak species. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the extensive tree plantations provide significant and vital shelter for stock. In more recent years the oak plantations in particular have served the additional benefit of facilitating the fattening and finishing of rare breed Wessex Saddleback pigs. This collaborative program, in association with Greenvale Pork, is aimed at actively flavouring the final product through the consumption of superfluous acorns. This practice is historically widespread in Spain, supplying the demands of some of the most highly regarded restaurants throughout Europe and the UK.  The program at Brie Brie is the first of its kind to be established in Australian and in 2014 a group of members of the Mann Family travelled together to southwest Spain to witness for themselves the practice (and produce) in its historic home.