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Glenthompson Pastoral Company's Livestock & Production

Above all practices, the principal focus of the Glenthompson Pastoral Company is sheep and cattle farming. This includes the development of a very good fine Merino line, from which a percentage of the ewes are selected for breeding first-cross, prime lambs in combination with Border Leicester rams, from the GPC commercial ram stud. GPC additionally produces cross-bred lambs to service the demands of both the domestic and wider global meat industries.

GPC runs a commercial Aberdeen Angus herd, producing steers for both domestic and international markets. 

GPC maintains an ethos of animal husbandry based upon the firmly trusted belief that all stock benefit from a system of low-stress, grass-fed and free-range livestock management. Decades of experience have proven the stock to be happier and subsequently the produce to be better as a result of such management.

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