Glenthompson Pastoral Company's Livestock & Production

Above all practices, the principal focus of the Glenthompson Pastoral Company is sheep and cattle farming. This includes the development of a very good fine Merino line, from which a percentage of the ewes are selected for breeding first-cross, prime lambs in combination with Border Leicester rams, from the GPC commercial ram stud. GPC additionally produces cross-bred wool, as well as finished sheep to service the demands of both the domestic and wider global meat industries.

The farming of cattle within GPC is a relatively diverse practise, consisting of the focussed selective breeding of Holstein Friesian dairy cattle as well as Belted Galloway rare-breed cattle, alongside with rearing, fattening and finishing of Holstein Friesian-Jersey cross heifers, Angus steers and a plethora of agistment cattle. Approximately 2,000 agistment cattle are taken on per annum across the various properties. In addition, within the annual cattle program GPC has been actively involved in breeding dairy cattle for export to Chinese and other global diary markets.


GPC maintains an ethos of animal husbandry based upon the firmly trusted belief that all stock benefit from a system of low-stress, grass-fed and free-range livestock management. Decades of experience have proven the stock to be happier and subsequently the produce to be better as a result of such management.