Wessex Saddleback Pigs

In 2012 Glenthompson Pastoral Company began a trial working in collaboration with established Wessex Saddleback breeders Anthony and Amanda Cumnick, of Greenvale Pork. The collaborative program focused upon fattening and finishing pigs on acorns in order to flavour the final product to meet market demands. Historically, this practice was first begun in Spain and the GPC-Greenvale Pork partnership was the first of its kind to be established in Australia. 


Following the initial success and high demand for the product in 2013, the partnership is now happily ongoing and GPC continue to house and finish Greenvale Pork pigs, predominantly at the property Brie Brie. This practice consists of enabling the pigs to freely roam the extensive oak tree plantations in order to feed on acorns for the 2-3 months prior to slaughter. The consumption of the acorns acts to flavour the final pork product, although the plantations themselves also benefit from the exposure as the removal of superfluous acorns acts to hinder the establishment of new, unwanted shoots.