The Glenthompson Pastoral Company dairy, Doonaree, milks approximately 500 Holstein Friesian cows and supplies milk to Devondale Murray Goulburn, Australia’s largest dairy foods company. The Devondale Murray Goulburn cooperative is 100% owned and operated by Australian dairy farmers

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GPC sources and grows dairy cattle for domestic use as well as for dairy export supply to the global market. Each year, the majority of Holstein Friesian calves born at Doonaree are reared onsite before being weaned and grown out to milking maturity nearby at Larra. Holstein Friesian-Jersey cross heifer calves are also reared alongside Doonaree’s calving herd and grown out at Larra for sale.


GPC operates an integrated farming system where hay and grain is grown at Brie Brie and Larra to service not only the needs of these properties but also to supply the substantial requirements of the dairy at Doonaree. In addition, a proportion of Doonaree’s dry dairy cows are spelled and all heifers grown out at Larra for either reintroduction into the milking herd, or on-sale including satisfying the needs of dairy cattle export to China and other global markets.